Welcome to Cowboy Labradors! We've compiled some information to help answer our commonly asked questions.

How are puppies picked?   Puppies are picked in order of deposits received for that sex.  All the puppies are marked with colored collars from birth through pick up date, so once you choose your puppy from your pick order you can follow the pictures or videos for that puppy.

Can we visit the puppies?  At this time we don't allow home visits. Reasons for this policy are that I know of kennels that have had buyers track in diseases that wiped out an entire litter of puppies. I also know of Breeders that were killed and robbed for letting strangers come to their properties. We have small children and live in the country so safety of our kids and dogs is our top priority.  I am always happy to send pictures and videos of the puppies or even face time so you can see them in live time.   

How do I pick or pickup my puppy?  Around 5 weeks we will go down the pick line and ask each buyer in order to pick a puppy. If you live hours away then you will need to pick from pictures and/or videos. If you live closer to us we can meet you with the available puppies for you to choose one in person. I normally meet in a public place.  Then at around 7-8 weeks the puppies can go home, we will set a meet place & meet you with your pup. Typically 1-2 hours away from our location is how far are we will to travel unless other arrangements are made at the time the deposit is taken. 

Deposits and Final Payments.  Deposits are $250 and are paid via PayPal. Once we have communicated and together we've decided our pups are a fit for you, I will text you the link to make your deposit payment.  Balances are due at puppy pickup. They are normally paid in Cash. We do not accept Checks. If you would like to discuss other payment options feel free to contact us. 

What is your health guarantee?  I have a 26 month Hip health guarantee.  I also guarantee that your puppy will never be affected by the following diseases: EIC, CN, DM, HNPK, PRA-prcd & Cystinuria.  

How are your dogs and puppies raised? We live on a 40 acre farm just outside of Stillwater, OK. Our dogs all have a huge new climate controlled building with inside & outside runs as well as a full yard. Puppies have an inside large nursery area where they can still see & interact with the bigger dogs. Our puppies are not out in the dirt, they live inside but have lots of room to play and cushy bedding for sleeping. They are handled every couple of hours. We get them used to noises & kids. They come pre-spoiled, I am with them imprinting them from birth through pickup. They are cuddled, loved on and sang nighttime songs just like a real baby. My goal is for your puppy to be well socialized.  In 2017 we purchased almost all of our puppies which are now our full grown dogs. They have grown up together as a family and although we do bring them inside a few at a time for family time they actually prefer to be together. We have creeks and ponds that they play in when we go on pasture walks. They also have short stock tanks for swimming and cooling off outside. They have access to run and play outside or come in the ac, which they prefer on hot Oklahoma days.